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SGP slim armor S4 view i9500

$29.00 $6.00

The SPIGEN SGP Slim Armor case for the Galaxy S4 gets fused with the Samsung S-View type cover in a new and innovative flip case that is designed specifically to increase the user experience for Galaxy S4 owners. Slim Armor View is a full body cover which protects the front, back and sides. The Slim Armor View takes our popular dual layered case and includes a flip cover made of polycarbonate for protection against scrathces and acceidnetal drops. The flip is attached to the Slim Armor through a special hinge that can be folded all the way back without resistance. Slim Armor View includes the automatic sleep / wake fucntion when you close cover. It also includes a window like the S-View Cover to allow users to see all notifications and incoming calls. Phone calls can also be answered quickly by clicking the home button directly from the front cover of the Slim Armor View.


Denon AH-C400 Music Maniac In-Ear Headphone with Dual Balanced Armature Drivers

$299.00 $95.00

Denon’s Music Maniac™ AH-C400 In-Ear Headphones feature Dual Balanced Armature Drivers in each ear encased in zinc die-cast housing and are tuned to a Flat EQ to deliver studio-quality performance in a highly machined, unobtrusive in-ear form factor. Music Maniac In-Ear headphones also feature an in-line remote and microphone for easy control of Apple® iPod®, Apple iPhone® and Apple iPad™ and clear phone conversations for when you are on the go. Also Included: Artificial Leather Carrying Case with Karabiner, Silicone Ear Tips (XS, S, M, L), Double Solid Silicon™ Ear Tips (S, M, L), and Comply™ TX-100M Foam Ear Tips, and ¼” gold-plated adapter. Further enhance your listening experience by downloading the Denon Audio Smartphone App available for Apple iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Atom – Samsung Galaxy S3 Case, Black w/Carbon


Joining the Composites Line of impact resistant protective cases from Element Case is the all new Atom S3 for the Samsung Galaxy S3 smart phone. With a TPU main body, ergonomic shape, and a genuine aerospace grade Carbon Fiber protective back plate, the Atom S3 provides Element Case style and ruggedness for the serious Android user.

ION 5 – Black w/Matte Carbon Back

Sad that your new iPhone 5 doesn’t fit your favorite Element Case ION 4? Well, we unveiled a new Composite Line case at CES for iPhone 5 and it’s sure to be a fan favorite. The new ION 5 brings together a high impact TPU chassis and carbon fiber backing for that unique Element case style and protection with unmatched value.


Ronin Titanium G10

$59.00 $19.50

This is the new product for Element Case and combines the most exotic materials that we’ve ever used: real titanium and G10 composite material. This combination of exotic materials is unlike any case that we’ve ever conceived and has only been produced in very limited quantities. Order now before they’re gone!

Sector 5 Spec Ops iPhone 5 Case


With the all new TPU Attack&trade back plate and new two-tone anodized frame, the new Sector 5 Spec Ops case for the iPhone 5 was designed for people who accept nothing less than “field ready” equipment that is lightweight, durable, and ergonomic. The Spec Ops comes in three US Military digital camouflage patterns: Desert, Arctic, and Urban.

Sector 5 iPhone 5 Case


The Sector 5’s super thin multi-link perimeter frame design is comprised of 8 individual links to create a modular design that allows endless customization or upgrade possibilities. Each of the 8 links are CNC machined from 6061 aluminum billet as well as a proprietary aerospace polymer which maximizes signal strength.

Ronin Bocote iPhone 5 Case


This newest addition to the Ronin line features a South American hardwood, Bocote (pronounced bow-COE-tay). A very exotic wood, Bocote is not considered a threatened species and we love this wood for it’s wide range of color, grain and textures.

Sector 5 Black Ops iPhone 5 Case


The all new 2013 Sector 5 Black Ops limited edition case offers even more features than anything we’ve ever offered. Along with the Element Case Black Ops signature black non-glare type 3 hard anodized finish and amber corner links, this case includes a black knurled power button, a VZ Grips produced G10 back plate, stealth privacy screen protector, and the ALL NEW Element Case Tactical Holster.

Sector 5 Black Ops Elite iPhone 5 Case


The Sector 5 Black Ops Elite is the new flagship case in the Element Case Tactical line. It features a machined G10 back plate and matching knurled G10 side grips made by Hogue. It is available in two colorways: Black or Desert Tan. Each colorway has an alternate Hogue G10 kit (OD Green bullets, and Dark Earth Lava).


Audio-Technica ATH-CKM1000 Earphone

$399.00 $95.00

Audio-Technica ATH –CKM1000 produces deep and rich
sound reproduction and is dedicatedly designed for 14mm driver. The ATH is made
up of aluminum with titanium body that minimizes the vibration. It has a
powerful low –distortion magnetic circuit which again helps in providing great
sound quality. It even supports the feature of low noise signal transmission.
The inner ear structure is used to provide for a long term comfortable fit.